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Ham and Cheese Crescent Bites

Ham and Cheese Crescent Bites

Sometimes I have plenty of time to put together appetizers for guests or parties. I’ll have a fun menu and spend two days cooking and baking. Then, there are other times I’m not in the mood to be in the kitchen or simply don’t have time. That’s where these Ham & Cheese Crescent Bites come in to play.

I would call them pinwheels if they would actually stay in a pinwheel shape but because these are smaller bites they don’t hold their form too well. So, bites it is! And, really, who cares what they are called because they take 18 minutes and 15 minutes of that is baking time—and they are delicious! They are so easy that you can whip them up for lunch or dinner when you are being lazy, running short on time, or have some last minute guests show up.

I pair these bites with a homemade honey mustard and I had to limit myself from eating the entire bowl of bites. So, so flaky, cheesy, and tangy.

Ham and Cheese Crescent Bites
Serves: 4-6
Time: 15-18 minutes


1 Roll of Crescents
1/2 Cup of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (+bit more to sprinkle on top at the end)
2 Slices of Thick Pre-Cooked Ham
3 Tbsp Mustard
3 Tsp Honey


Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees. Spray a square baker and set aside. Cube the ham and push to the side of the cutting board. Roll out the crescents and pinch together the rolls so that it makes one pastry. Sprinkle the ham and the cheese over the crescent dough. Once the ingredients are evenly distributed, roll the dough long way, pinching together any of the creases that begin to separate. Once rolled, cut the log into about 14-16 bites. Bake for 12-15 minutes. Right before the bites are done, sprinkle a little bit of mozzarella cheese on top and let it brown.

While the crescents are in the oven, mix together the mustard and honey until combined. Serve warm!

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