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DIY: Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board for Sugar and Wine

A regular old bulletin board seems so high school to me but a dressed up, DIY bulletin board, well, that’s just classy. A few years ago, I gave away my desk so I’ve been without an office. One of my goals this year is to put together a great office space where I can work, blog, craft and focus–and where there isn’t a TV with access to re-runs of Sex and the City, HGTV, and the Food Network.  Any of those can suck me into the couch for an undetermined amount of time.

I’m still working on the desk and the chair but had some free time while I was on Christmas break and had the opportunity to create this awesome bulletin board with a friend. In fact, we have matching ones because the cool local fabric store was closed the day we were project-ing it up. That said, this was a super easy project to dress up that bulletin board you have lying around in some closet or basement.

The first thing you need to do is to find a flat surface to work and cover it with newspaper to protect your space.  Next, you need to iron your fabric to make sure that it doesn’t have any creases. Once you’ve done that, you are ready to take your adhesive spray and lightly coat the cork portion of your bulletin board. Then, lay the fabric on top of the bulletin board, smooth it out and make sure the fabric is secured to the board.


Next, you will take thumb tacks and press them in to create a border. You don’t want the tacks to be too close or too far apart but ultimately the spacing is all about the style you are going for. You will want your tacks to be right next to the wood frame of the board. In terms of thumb tacks, I used a little over 100 of them, which is more than one container so I recommend that you buy two containers just in case.


Once your thumbtacks are in place and the feeling has come back in your thumb, it is time to whip out the staple gun for the last step.


Below you can see a closer look at the stapling. The corners are the tricky part. My tip is to pull each side tight and let the corner fold in, then staple the corner. I made my way around the board, holding the fabric tight along the way.


And, finito, finished project!


What you need:

A medium sized bulletin board

1/2 yard of fabric

2 boxes of thumb tacks

Adhesive spray

Staple gun

Iron and Ironing Board

Newspaper to cover your space


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