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DIY: Bridal Shower Invites

Oh Paper Source, how I spend way too much money at you. That said, I’ve become so much more creative since I first walked into PS. I’ve even become an avid fan of making my own cards. So, when it came time for one of my best friend’s bridal shower, it just had to make the invitations. I searched high and low for the right invite. I even considered just buying some. At one point, I thought, what did I get myself into…especially when I realized I had to make 36 of these things.

Bridal Shower Invites Pic 1

They turned out pretty great huh? My friend’s wedding colors were purple and grey so I had some great colors to play with. I knew I wanted touch of sparkle and I think that the bodice on the dress does just that. I originally thought of making a bridal gown invite but the lack of tulle available in June was surprising. So, I scrapped that idea and came up with something that actually used her wedding colors.

All you need is a glitter paper, white cardstock to print the details on, your choice of color paper, ribbon, a glue stick, and some super glue.

The thicker the paper, the better. If you can get it on cardstock, then buy it. If you can’t, I suggest a little glue activity: buy the thinner paper, and then glue it to the white cardstock which is pretty much available everywhere. I actually used glitter wrapping paper because I couldn’t find a thick enough glitter paper in stock. This takes twice the time but if you have limited materials, you got to do what you got to do!

I made templates of each piece and then traced it so that I could mass produce these invites. I then glued the white paper with the details onto the color paper. As long as you are careful, you can go ahead and glue the bodice on to the bottom. Again, as long as you wait a few minutes and continue to be careful, you can go ahead and tie on the ribbon. I cut the ribbon in half from its original width otherwise it takes up too much space. I used super glue for the ribbon to make sure it stayed in place.

You need to let it dry for several hours but I let mine sit out overnight.

Once they are dried, they are ready to go!


Pro-Tip: When measuring and drawing your invites, make sure that they fit into the envelope size that you chose. They actually have to be pretty small to fit into an envelope that doesn’t cost you extra to mail.

What you need:

Glitter paper or cardstock

White cardstock to print the details on (extra if you have to glue other items to it to make it sturdier)  Color cardstock


Glue stick

Super glue


Computer and printer (to print out your invite details)

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